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Organisational Structure Design Workshop

Organisational Structure Design Workshop


The organisational structure design workshop is a master class presented by Derek Hendrikz and aims to capacitate leaders, executives, board members, EXCO teams, senior and middle managers in the art of developing structure, creating systems and internalising culture. Furthermore, participants will learn to work with organisational strategy, intelligence and change management. On completion of the training programme, learners will be able to take their organisations forward within an immensly turbulant and constant changing environment.

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to meaningfully contribute towards the design of:

  • Organisational structure;

  • Organisational systems;

  • Organisational culture and;

  • Organisational strategy.


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Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


Administrative matters

Open Window

Open Window


The architecture of organisations

Translating process to structure

Designing and Internalising organisational culture


Convenience Break


Creating the 'Black Box'

Developing organisational structure

Managing resistance to change




Understanding mission as a process

The impact of strategy on organisational design

Creating the high performance organisation


Convenience Break


Process Analysis

Implementing systems

Workshop closure and feedback


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Day 1:

 The Architecture of organisation:

  • The anatomy of organisation

  • Structure - The container of work

  • Systems - The facilitators of work

  • Culture - The enabler of work

  • Strategy - Keeping work relevant

  • Processes - ensuring efficiency

  • Intelligence - Determining the level of perfoirmance and relevance


Creating the 'Black Box':

  • Organisational Black Box theory

  • Defining inputs and outputs

  • Process theory

  • The master scorecard system

  • Direct vs. Inverse organisational relationships

  • Defining behaviour; the anatomy of collective mind – Organisational Paradigm

  • The Black Box and organisational values


 Understanding Mission as a Process:

  • Purpose vs. Intent

  • Translating the words of mission to the process of mission

  • Testing dependency

  • Testing priority (importance and resource consumption)

  • Developing the master scorecard


 Process Analysis:

  • Translating mission to core organisational processes

  • Process analysis methodology

  • Using weakness to aadjust precesses

  • Expanding the scorecard

  • Loading the Back Box

Day 2:

 Translating Process to Structure:

  • The evolotion of structure

  • Introducing organic structures

  • Translating precess to structure

  • Creating process familiex and project clusters


 Developing Organisational Structure:

  • Translating a process structure to an organisational structure

  • Calculating the complexity of priority

  • Allocating roles to structure

  • The relationship between cost centres and structure


 The impact of Strategy on Organisational Design:

  • The impact of environment on organisational design

  • The purpose of strategy

  • Does structure follow strategy or the other way around?

  • What to do where strategy changes everything?


 Managing inputs and outputs through effective PM:

  • The five basic systems of any organisation

  • The shape, nature and purpose of systems

  • The basic assumtions relating to systems

  • The objectives of a system

  • The link between processes and systems


Day 3:

Designing and internalising Organisational Culture:

  • Managing culture means managing paradigm

  • Beliefs and values as defining factors of paradigm

  • Defining organisational values

  • The effect of principles and assumptions

  • Managing behaviour through paradigm shift initatives

  • The defining factors of organisational culture

  • Manifestations of organisational culture

  • Developing and internalising organisational culture


Managing Resistance to Change:

  • Why people resist change

  • The choices of change

  • Introducing change to the system

  • Working with resistance

  • From Change to Transformation


Creating the High Performance Organisation:

  • What is a high performance organisation (HPO)

  • Understanding high performance systems (HPS)

  • Organisational reengineering

  • The learning organisation

  • Working with organisational learning disabilities 

 Training Methodology:

Derek Hendrikz is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) with the Southern Africa Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA). In terms of ratings, Derek is internationally acclaimed and beyond comparison with thousands of highly satisfied customers.

The methodology is based on interactive learning, i.e. learners will learn by doing. Inspirational presentations are combined with facilitated sessions and experiential exercises. Furthermore learners will use examples from their own organisations, thus ensuring that learning is anchored at their workplace.

As with all Derek’s training programmes, he strives to effect actual change back at the workplace through effective and practical outcomes-based training.


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