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Strategy Audit with Report and Recommendations

Strategy Audit with Report and Recommendations


Derek Hendrikz annually does strategy audits for various organisations worldwide. These projects aim to provide valuable feedback to the client organisation on their strategy development process as well as the format and implimentation obstacles of their strategy document.

Our aim is to understand the client organisation in terms of their environment as well as the driving and restraining forces that govern their strategic process. Within this understanding we will grade their current strategic process and provide recommendations to enhancing and improving the current process.

A weighting system with the following criteria points re used to assess the client organisations current strategic initiatives:

  • Effectiveness of the strategic frame within which the organisation operates (is there well defined mission, values beliefs and assumptions that drive organisational strategic thinking?)

  • The tension between the organisations current and desired reality (does vision effectively energise and drive strategy?)

  • Quantification of current strategic initiatives (can the strategy be measured?)

  • Translatability of strategy to action (does the strategy translate strategic ideas to reality?)

  • Cross mapping of environmental analysis to strategic initiatives (does the strategy resolve SWOT Analysis issues?)

  • Inverse relationship with organisational processes (is there a healthy relationship of what we want to change strategically and how we must perform operationally?)

  • Execution success (how much of the strategy has been successfully executed?)

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  1. Research to the organisation, its mission and outcomes;

  2. Research on rules that govern the strategic process (laws, regulations, etc.)

  3. Investigate all current strategic documentation and other supporting documentation;

  4. Electronic questionnaire to all relevant managers;

  5. Interviews with executives and other relevant managers;

  6. Report with recommendations to client organisation; and

  7. Agreement on way forward.


This project will also determine the influence that the organisation currently has with its external environment. The strategic fit between organisational purpose, values, assumptions and beliefs will be compared with those of the environment. We will aim to specifically understand the environment which has to sponsor the continued existence of the organisation. A strategic fit between the organisation and its external environment will be defined and will form the basis for the rest of the strategy development process.

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Generic Project Schedule:



  • Off-site research

  • Document Investigation

  • Questionnaires

  • Interviews

  • Report









The above estimated durations are based on our general experience and this will be adjusted after consultation and estimation of client exact needs.

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Before commencement of the project Derek Hendrikz Consulting will sign a confidentiality agreement with the client. In this agreement we will commit to total confidentiality. All information obtained will be kept on a computer server with restricted access control. Under no circumstances will the client company’s right to intellectual property or confidentiality be violated.

Project Approach:

Prior to project commencement, a project brief is approved by the client company. We will view the project deliverables and objectives as part of our contract and will commit to deliver as agreed. During the project we use project management methodology to manage and report on the project. On completion of the project, we will hand over the project via a project closure report, which the client will sign off.

Interview & Questionnaire Approach:

The first stages of the consultation project will involve the gathering and making sense of information. This is very much a research phase and interviews and questionnaires are used to obtain the various qualitative and quantitative data.

Physical Investigation Approach:

As part of our initial research we will physically collect documents and do on-site analysis to draw conclusions regarding certain aspects of the consultation project. Prior to such investigation we will sign an access contract with the client company.

The Report Approach:

The strategy development process commences with a strategy audit research report and is finalised with a strategy project closure report. All reports will relate a detailed account of research and action taken as well as specific recommendations.

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