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Corporate Governance - Resource Centre

Corporate Governance - Resource Centre




Definition of Corporate Governance...

Corporate Governance is a system of rules and practices by which organizational institutions are directed and controlled.


Objectives of Corporate Governance...

  1. Definition and distribution of rights and responsibilities amongst participants within an organization.

  2. Specification of rules for decision-making.

  3. Guidance in an appropriate strategy and structure that will facilitate the achievement of objectives.

  4. Being a monitoring mechanism.

  5. Alignment of stakeholder interests.


Core Governance Role of the Board of Directors...

corporate governance process

Strategic Direction

It is the Board's responsibility to provide strategic direction and to guide and approve the Organisational Strategy.

Compliance & Accountability

The Board represents the shareholders of the organisation and are therefore ultimately accountable for the actions and inactions of the organisation. Hence, the Board should ensure that the organisation complies with relevant legislation and Government guidelines. Moreover they should ensure that the Excecutives of the organisation is accountable for such compliance.

Risk & Strategy Monitoring

One of the primary functions of a Board is manage the risk of non-performance and organisational irellevance. Therefore, risk and strategy monitoring is a primary governance function of the Board.


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