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Below is a variety of resources on marketing skills and management by Derek Hendrikz, including power point slide presentationsvideo clips, process maps, templates, articlesblog posts and psychometric testing. Covers customer segmentation, liason and networking skills, relationship marketing, customer service, service excellence, the customer and sales process, the Keirsey Bates Temperament Sorter and more... Derek Hendrikz is a strategic leadership & strategy development and implementation specialist who offers trainingseminarsconsulting services and coaching in this regard.


Following are Derek's PowerPoint Slides on Marketing Skills and Management:

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Following are Derek's Video Clips on Marketing Skills and Management:

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Following are Derek's Articles & Blog Posts on Marketing Skills and Management:

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Following are Derek's Process Flow Charts on Marketing Skills and Management:


Following are Derek's Psychometric Tests and Questionnaires on Marketing Skills and Management: