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Supervisory Skills - Resource Centre

Supervisory Skills - Resource Centre

Below is a variety of resources on supervisory skills by Derek Hendrikz, including power point slide presentations, video clips, process maps, templates, articles, blog posts and psychometric testing. Covers assertiveness skills, coaching & mentoring, human performance management, team motivation, planning, problem solving, decision making, principles of effectiveness, business report writing, time and task management, communication, Keirsey Bates Temperament Sorter and more... Derek Hendrikz is a strategic leadership & strategy development and implementation specialist who offers training, seminars, consulting services and coaching in this regard.


Following are Derek's PowerPoint Slides on Supervisory Skills:

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Following are Derek's Video Clips on Supervisory Skills:

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Following are Derek's Articles & Blog Posts on Supervisory Skills:

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Following are Derek's Process Flow Charts on Supervisory Skills:


Following are Derek's Psychometric Tests and Questionnaires on Supervisory Skills:

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