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Derek Hendrikz

Derek Hendrikz is a strategic leadership and organisational performance specialist who aims to empower executive teams worldwide.

Seven Questions - please help me understand!!!

Seven Questions - please help me understand!!!
  1. Why would any normal person want warm milk with their coffee?
  2. 'Majority knows best' - how does one prove this mathematically?
  3. What happened to the other sock?
  4. Why do none of the environmental or sustainable development conferences ever directly deal with the issue that 90% of the sustainability, environmental and economic problems on this planet stem from the fact that humans are allowed to breed uncontrollably and without apology???
  5. Why, in most communities, is ganja (marijuana) seen as evil and alcohol socially acceptable?
  6. Woman?
  7. Where did it all begin and what exists beyond the universe?
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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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