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Claudia Hendrikz

Office Manager at Orgtology.

Student at the Center of Applied Jungian Studies.

SAPTA Office Clerk

You are because love is…


The “good and bad” as well as the “right and wrong” that we perceive and accept in our journey brings a reality of “now”. This is what we are conscious of in the moment. As we grow older day by day, we learn novel words, which we use to speak our “truths”. And as we meet new people, we will use our “truth” to judge them.

In this journey there are people who teach us about good and bad, and people who help us transform, both physically and mentally. Therefore, this isolated road that we must travel has blessed us with more ego’s than only one. And often some of these egos will come with love.

It is hard to explain this, but love is powerful to both the giver and receiver. So, it is important to love to accept the feeling of love and to love to love yourself. My belief is that to love yourself as well as another, one must accept those that come and go through our journey of life. The person in the mirror has both faults and magic, and it is also a person that we cannot go a day without. There are scars and sometimes even addicted insanity. To accept the “good” and the “not so good” is soul food for the heart and can end up to slowly kill an ego that is not ready to give in…

Love is phenomenal because it is honest and works from the inside out. If you want to know now, what you might not have known at all, then look in the mirror while speaking beautiful words upon the body that you own right now. Speak words of passion to the one vehicle you will own until darkness introduces you to the unknown. Yet, if you speak words of hatred upon yourself more than once, then you will see how the person in the mirror, has no more faith to own the greatest gift of all – the self.

I believe that you can choose to love, but it is as true that love can also choose you.

When you do choose love, you take ownership to choose who you want to love. I trust that the love that you give to yourself, is core to the love that you can give to a receiving soul. When you love yourself, you decide the direction of a journey, and therefore also the love that you are bound to choose. But, because you love yourself, you will not choose someone or something that is bound to hurt you. In other words, you have the conscious power to hold on, or to let go.  The love that you choose, holds a considerable risk, as it might not stay or wait for you to accept it, or you might just to let it go.

When Love chooses you, such as the case with Romeo and Juliet, the love that they have for one another is a passion, which they cannot deny or stop. Mostly the ethics of what should be and what must not, has no meaning to the souls whose hearts draw each other like magnets. This is a process that will go on until their hearts beat no more. In the movie “Titanic”, we can learn how the ego of Jack was less important than his need to love Rose.

Sometimes destiny is not a choice that we can make. It could be to rewrite the stars or to make war. Love can kill or conquer or be a thunder to never ending calmness.

When I grew up, I always wanted to fit in, and had the need to be in the spotlight. I wanted to wear a golden crown so that others would accept me. I wanted to have the power to say when rejection can take place and when not. I wanted to hide who I am, and I wanted to strengthen my perspective that I could be the same as everyone else. I did this just so that I could stay sane, and not to explain the unique way in which I crafted my life. To be like someone else and never having a story to tell, is the most downgrading project that you can ever force on yourself. To not be YOU for this yearning world might be left as a mystery unsolved till time is irrelevant, and no more. The price that you will pay is that you will never share your own thoughts and gifts, which you have been given in the race that you won in your mother’s womb.

Dare to have moments of insanity even if it lasts only for a second or three! Be different, make it a life goal to not be the same but different! Be an Arnold Schwarzenegger who was deaf to all things that others said, to make his journey a number one hit; be a Rocky who made history; or a Gandhi who made fear disappear through the ownership and pride of all that he believed in.

Stand in frot of a mirror, and say to yourself…

I am now;

I am love;

I am truth;

I am a story untold;

I am me;

I am a purpose.

The show must go on, with or without the gifts that you own. You see, we all have a role in this world which we are conscious of and that we know by heart. By acknowledging this, we begin to live in the “here and now”, whilst we make choices on the go - no matter what the consequences might be.

We are only a project within this process of life. The gifts with which we were born gives us great responsibility and power. Make this life a life that you can be proud of. All will come to an end as darkness awaits. Time ticks away every second and every day.

Why wait for action to come your way when it only depends on the choices you make? Why wait for another soul to love you the way you can already love yourself? Why wait till it is time for love to come your way?

Make time a friend. Make love a superpower. Make life an answer. Make dreams the history you leave behind. Make this day one of a kind.




© 2018: Claudia Hendrikz

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