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Below are articles, write-ups and editorials published by Derek Hendrikz... These articles mostly relate to strategic leadership, human resource management (HRM), procurement and contract management, customer relationship management (CRM), risk management, project management and other business management topics...

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2016-09-23 Diversity Dynamics (revised)

2016-05-20 What is a High Performance Team and how are they created?

2015-11-29 What is Leadership?

2015-11-02 Does Team Building Really Work?

2015-10-19 How to lose your customers - SIX foolproof ways!

2015-08-01 Why I hunt has little to do with animals...

2015-06-01 Do KPI's actually work?

2015-04-27 Can you manage change fro the bottom-up?

2015-04-10 What is the difference between Vision and Mission?

2015-03-30 Strategic Leadership. Not to ask, but what to ask - that is the question!

2014-04-14 Translating Strategy to Action - The Great 'Disconnect'

2009-10-25 Defining Value

2009-10-25 Embracing Diversity

2006 - What Customers Want!

2006 - Customer Service vs. Service Excellence

2005 - Applying Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through Process Framing

2003 - Outcomes-Based Team Development

2003 - Secrets of Service Excellence in the Public Sector

2003 - The Pros and Cons of Batho Pele

2003 - Six Poisions of Government Service

2003 - Managing Diversity

2000 - Diversity Dynamics

1999 - Group Dynamics - The Behavioural Dynamics of Groups

1999 - Group Dynamics - The Process Dynamics of Groups

1999 - Group Dynamics - The Boundary Dynamics of Groups