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Assertiveness Test

Assertiveness Test


How assertive are you? Can you stand your ground or is your life run by other people?

Assertiveness implies that you state your case without being aggressive or submissive. You get what you want and others respect you. But you can do this without compromising on good human relations. People both respect and like you.

Complete the attached questionnaire as honestly as you can to find out whether or not you are assertive enough.


Take note of the following when completing the questionnaire:

  • Completion of this questionnaire should take about 07 to 10 minutes.

  • Do not think too much about this, the first choice that comes to mind is usually the right choice.

  • You must complete the spreadsheet electronically. No manual submissions will be accepted.

  • There are no right or wrong answers. It is a temperament sorter, not a questionnaire.



  1. Open the MS Excel spreadsheet;

  2. Add your name in the given space;

  3. Make a selection at each statement. Selections are made by clicking on the circle next to the statement.

  4. Ensure that all statements have an selection. If you ommit to make selections at all statements it will influence your score.

  5. When done, click on the 'Your Score' tab at the bottom of your spreadsheet. This should reveal your level of assertiveness.


The Assertiveness Test:

Click Here for the Assertiveness Test 

(MS Excel - download & save)