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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

 Following are the terms and conditions when contracting Derek Hendrikz Consulting for training, consulting, keynote presentations or other services.


Cost to Client...

  • Fees, within the boders of South Africa, exclude VAT.

  • All general logistical arrangements, stipulated below, are cost to the client and is not included in our service fees;

  • Except where specifically arranged otherwise, all general logistical arrangements, as stipulated below, will be arranged and fully paid, up-front, by the client organisation;

  • Venue requirements for in-house training and keynote presentations will be arranged by the client organisation and will be a cost to the client. These requirements are not included in our service fees;

  • The printing of training materials, for in-house training, are at cost to the client and is not included in our training fees.


General Payment Terms...

  • All payments must be made via electronic bank transfers into the account details that is stipulated on our Tax Invoice.

  • Quotations will be valid for a period of six months from the date of issue.

  • Late payments will be charged at 14% interest, calculated on a monthly basis.

  • Dates for training events will only be secured when we receive a negotiated deposit for the booked service, except where we have a relationship and specific payment arrangements with the client organisation.

  • Full payment is required prior to any training event, except where explicitly negotiated otherwise. 

  • In case of Government Departments, whom we assess low risk, we will only require an issued order form that clearly indicates that full payment is authorised for the training event.

  • Training events will be booked and secured by the signing of a booking form and the payment of a deposit.

  • The same terms and conditions will apply for keynote presentations as with training events.

  • Where we invoice for consultation services, payment arrangements will be agreed on in a service level agreement that is signed by both parties.

  • Consultation services will be managed via a signed service level agreement.

  • Air tickets must be fully paid and provided by client prior to the event.

  • Proof of full payment to the hotel, where the facilitator will be residing, must be provided prior tot the event.


Leagal Issues...

  • The contract for service is made with Derek Hendrikz Consulting and all payments will be made out to Derek Hendrikz Consulting.

  • Derek Hendrikz Consulting operates as an independent contractor, and no employer / employee relationship exists between the client and Derek hendrikz Consulting.

  • Derek Hendrikz Consulting is a South African registered business, therefore all of our income is taxed in South Africa. Thus, no tax is due to Derek Hendrikz Consulting by clients from other countries.

  • The onus to prove that payment was made to Derek Hendrikz Consulting resides with the client organisation.

  • Our invoice and quotation dates will be regarded as valid date of delivery in case of dispute.

  • The date when work will begin is agreed on between Derek Hendrikz Consulting and the client organisation. This date will be regarded as the date of service delivery, irespective of whether work will begin at the client premises or at another premesis.

  • Where Derek Hendrikz Consulting negotiates these terms and conditions, we assume that the person who we are negotiating with is appointed, authorised, and empowered to act on the clients behalf.


General Logistical Arrangements for Derek...

  • Business class air travel;

  • Driver or business class taxi;

  • Five star accommodation;

  • All meals & in-room service cost (cost of mini bar, in-room dining, etc...);

  • Derek has no specific dietary requirements;

  • Full internet access during workshop and in hotel;

  • Road transport will be at R5 per kilometre (only where there is no air transport available).


Training Venue Requirements...

  • Conducive training venue;

  • U-shape seating;

  • Space for break-away groups (large training room where delegates can form separate teams will suffice);

  • Data projector;

  • Sound cables for laptop (linked to sound system);

  • Lapel microphone (if more than 25 delegates);

  • Flip chart boards (ratio - one board for every five delegates); and

  • Sufficient white board markers (at least two black markers for the trainer).


In-house Training Materials Delivery...

  • Each delegate will receive a link to an electronic course pack, prior to the training;

  • Electronic course packs will consit of a powerpoint slides; video clips and reading material;

  • It is not compulsory to print the electronic course packs, since links will stay live and learners will be able to freely access this after the training;

  • A workbook will be forwarded to the client prior to the training, which must be printed by the client organisation for each delegate.

  • We will also forward training administration materials, such as an attendance register and evaluation forms, to the client organisation prior to the intervention. Printing of these materials must be done by the client organisation.


Venue Requirements for Keynote Conference Presentations...

  • Lapel microphone;

  • Data projector;

  • Sound cables for laptop (linked to a sound system).



  • There will be no cancellation fees for services that are cancelled up to 21 working days before commencement of the service delivery.

  • Services cancelled between 20 and 11 working days before commencement of the service delivery will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

  • No postponements or cancellatons will be accepted within 10-working days prior to service delivery.

  • All cancellations must be done by the client organisation in writing and the time of cancellation will be calculated from the date of receipt of such cancellation by Derek Hendrikz Consulting.



  • Presentations, handouts, workbooks, articles, or any other materials designed by Derek Hendrikz Consulting may not be recorded, printed, used electronically, or reproduced in any other way, without our direct and written permission.

  • If the organisation wishes to use or reproduce any of Derek Hendrikz Consulting’s materials, please contact us beforehand so that we can discuss the options.

  • Please note that copyright violations are illegal and will be acted on.


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions...

  • The terms and conditions as published on our web-site www.derekhendrikz.com on the date of agreement for services, will be regarded as valid terms and conditions for Derek Hendrikz Consulting.

  • Where the client signs a booking form or service level agreement with Derek Hendrikz Consulting, it will be deemed that the client acknowledges this terms and conditions as published on the web-site www.derekhendrikz.com at time of signing the contract.

  • Electronic delivery of this terms and conditions, that is not returned as undeliverable, will be deemed as sufficient notification to the client of the terms and conditions under which Derek Hendrikz Consulting is contracted.

  • If no objection is received from the client within 5-working days from the time of delivery, it will be reasonably assumed that the client accepts the terms and conditions.

  • Derek Hendrikz Consulting, who negotiates these terms and conditions, assumes that the person who has negotiated the service on behalf of the client is appointed, authorised, and empowered to act on the clients behalf.